Does boom stiffness rule ?  

The summoning of brutal stiffness as the panacea for carbon boom infidelity is a generalization, often synonymous to poor responsiveness and overweight. 


Pro ... or maybe not?  

Human hand grip is not forged of steel and neuromascular functions have time dependence. So before chanting "ultra stiff like pro" just think which ought to give first, your ligaments or your carbon boom?


The builder's resolution on carbon booms  

A windsurfing boom better be responsive. It better flex and recover without wasting energy. And this better be done at a rate that is compatible with the physical ability of the sailor  and the expectation of comfort. 


How to tell of a boom?  

For starters, carbon windsurfing booms are not for deerhunting, so stop stretching them apart in the shop. Instead, hang them extended to 2/3 of max and hang from them attempting a few explosive drop hangs as if you are sail-pumping for crossfit. Establish a rythm and see how the boom syncs along. If you feel your grip failing at this rate, the boom is dead stiff. If you feel like it lags your rate, it's unresponsive. Your match is a boom that resonates with your weight and strength, springing you back up, again and again. 


Cafrosboom carbon built  

 The Cafrosboom affair is primarily the infrastructure and the faculty behind designing and fabricating with composites. It is about recruiting the miraculous properties of carbon fiber to the making of resilient and comfortable windsurfing booms. 


But are Cafrosboom stiff?  

Some say, they are the stiffest they've had... and then rush to make it clear that this is not the issue.

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