Tail 1  wide

Direct feedback and unleashed power
for this new school windsurfing boom


The shape is an extreme new school design with the longest possible straight boom section and the widest point just inches behind the mast. Allows for naturally resting wrists and a most upright position of the rig while sailing. The feedback from wind shifts and gusts comes unfiltered and so does the power and acceleration, imparting a nervous temperament to the sail rig. It is better suited to the agile freestyler and to the freerider who opts for a fast and lively rig. 



Non-negotiable stiffness up front provides for rock solid binding of the boom to the mast. The stiffness is evident in both the horizontal and vertical planes providing for direct drive and feedback. Front hand power is immediate in delivery and can catch one off guard. To tame the manner, progressive flex emanates towards the back allowing for responsive behavior during pumping.   


The TRUE grip diameter is 26-27mm (24.2-25.0mm carbon, depending on location) for the straight sections and it progressively thickens along the curvy front.


The boom is supplied with the Chinook Pro1 clamp and its snap-on SDM to RDM adapter. This clamp is preferred for its robustness and its ability to keep the sand away from the carbon structure underneath. 

The Tail piece is equipped with the iTail loop'n go fixture; of proven quality, easy to use and with a provision for tucking the excess rope.



  • 100%  unidirectional carbon prepreg 

  • New school outline 

  • Wide tail end (inside width 14cm)

  • Two Pin positive lock boom clips 

  • Natural cork grip treated for durability. Easy fix instructions

  • Loop and go tail fitting

  • Boom head suits clamps with 34mm DIA (Chinook, Streamlined, Dynafiber, Gaastra, Severne, Unifiber)

  • Total Weight 

   2200gr w/Chinook Pro 1 clamp 

   2080gr w/Severne clamp

Weight tolerance +/-5%

The weights of cafrosboom are still evolving, constantly flirting with lower values. Weight listings will be updated accordingly.

Thessaloniki, Greece

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