wave onshore

Optimized flex and resilience

in a compact boom outline

140 - 190

145 - 195

Tail 1  wide

Tail 2  narrow


The shape is a smooth transition between the traditional elliptic shapes of the past and the exaggerated curvy fronts of the new school designs. Care has been taken to minimize the curve slope upfront, providing for wrist comfort in both over and under grip. 


Maximum stiffness is allocated in the fore section for maximum drive and response during carving. Flexibility gradually evolves from the mid section to the tail to dampen the impact of vicious landings. This comes at no cost on the stability of the boom along the direction of the outhaul. Hence, no sail bagging is to be expected through gusts and chop.


There are two tail pieces available: narrow and wide. The unwritten rule suggests a preference for the narrow width when high winds, small sails and an upright riding style shape the sailing profile of the user, whereas the wide tail is at its best for the lightwind, medium to large sail situations with an outboard riding style and freeriding. 


The TRUE grip diameter is 26-27mm (24.2-25.0mm carbon arms depending on location). This progresses all the way to the front to maintain homogeneity in the feel of hold. 


The boom is supplied with the Chinook Pro1 clamp and its snap-on SDM to RDM adapter. This clamp is preferred for its robustness and its ability to keep the sand away from the carbon structure underneath. 

The Tail piece is equipped with the iTail loop'n go fixture; of proven quality, easy to use and with a provision for tucking the excess rope.



  • 100%  unidirectional carbon prepreg 

  • Narrow outline 

  • Tail end of choice: 

    • narrow - inside width 11cm

    • new school wide - inside width 14cm

  • Two Pin positive lock boom clips 

  • Natural cork grip treated for durability. Easy fix instructions

  • Loop and go tail fitting

  • Boom head suits clamps with 34mm DIA (Chinook, Streamlined, Dynafiber, Gaastra, Severne, Unifiber)

  • Total Weight 

   2200gr w/ Chinook Pro 1 clamp

   2080gr w/ Severne clamp

Weight tolerance +/- 5%

The weights of cafrosboom are still evolving, constantly flirting with lower values. Weight listings will be updated accordingly.

inner width



Thessaloniki, Greece

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