wave slim

tailored stiffness

The lowdown

  • This boom is bound to surprise you with unprecedented reflex and drive.


  • Assembled with ample preload for zero slack.

  • Safe and stable at FULL extension 


  • Choose the stiffness grade most suitable for your biomechanics and conditions and get ready to rig sails smaller than usual.  

Specs and Prices

  Model                                                        € *

140-190 SS     2.5/1.7           2250            690

145-195 SS     2.5/1.7           2300            700

145-195 HS     2.8/1.9           2360            730

Choice of

Choice of


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Users' guide and maintenance:


A number of features are embodied in the standard execution, aiming at preserving the boom's integrity and liveliness over time:

Wear-resistant strips on the underside of the harness lines area

Side bumpers and rubber cork over tail end. 

Wear-resistant strips on the shoulders of the boom for rigging on rough surfaces

Positive lock dual-pin clips

PA bush-seal keeps sand/water out of the boom and protects the tail tubes from wear

Massive carbon built under the boom clips, guides the pins with zero wobble 

Molded pin wells - laterally anchored on the tail tubes to withstand torsional loads

Clamp area molded with Silicon Carbide (SiC) coating to combat the abrasion by ingressing sand 


inner width


Boom curve biased towards maximum drive and wrist comfort in on/side-on conditions

Thessaloniki, Greece