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CAFROSBOOMa utilitarian approach to windsurf boom making, rid of tech tags and coronas of innovation

INGREDIENTS: multidisciplinary engineering,  rationalized product development, 

mandatory field work.

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Thessaloniki, Greece - Ελλαδα


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21 Aug 2018

Cork grip on windsurf booms sure feels different than rubber or foam grip. It is firm and smooth and it makes no discounts on the feedback from the sail to the rider and back. Precision of command and enhanced riders' endurance are the benefits to be gained with it along with the good looks.

18 Aug 2018

The clamp area, the tail tubes and the pin holes seem to be the most sensitive spots where wear can commence in a carbon windsurf boom. Wear may escalate to the point that a boom becomes unable or unsafe to serve its purpose.

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Thessaloniki, Greece - Ελλαδα

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