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Power wave

The power wave boom releases all the drive that your sail can produce. The rig feels oversheeted and the pull on your front hand is relentless.  Owing to the preload of the boom the feedback from and to the sail is immediate. In a nutshell, big air, rotations, planning, carves and freestyle pop in light winds are favored to unprecedented levels.

This is an excellent boom for mushy onshore conditions, as it delivers the extra drive needed to get you upwind through the foamy shorebreak.


This is not the boom of choice for a relaxed ride in choppy/overpowered conditions unless you rig smaller and trust your athletic condition and proprioception.

The 145-195 boom in high stiffness execution (HS) is equipped with a wide tail (140mm). This makes it a unique companion whether you are a big sailor and/or you like rigging huge sails on tiny booms for high wind blasting in choppy terrain.


All Cafrosbooms may be rigged at full extension.



weights may vary by max 2%





135-185 /140-190 SS

narrow 100 or wide 140mm

standard SS

1980 / 2020 gr

145-195 HS

wide 140 mm

high stiffness HS

2180 gr


135-185 SS   €790

140-190 SS   €790

145-195 HS   €840

prices include VAT 24%

shipping not included



Orders are delivered in 3-8 weeks

Payments are submitted 3 days prior to shipping via bank deposit

Users' guide and maintenance:

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