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The logo of the control wave carbon windsurfing boom made by cafrosboom for riding waves

Control wave

The control wave boom takes your mind off of the sail and allows you to focus on optimum body stance and rail engagement. The sail feels undersheeted and the delivery of its drive is smoothly adjusted with the back hand. The boom curve, narrowing upfront, lets your front hand stay close to the mast to lead the carve with precision. This boom favors an upright riding style and merits your ride with instant rail to rail transitions in tight wind swell or clean surf. It boasts superb control in nuclear conditions with heavy chop, and outperforms any other when it comes to explosive tight carving on the face.

The uniquely small tube diameter of 23.5mm at the front grip delays the fatigue of gloved hands in freezing conditions.


This is also an excellent boom for free-foiling and long DW rides on wind swell. Again, owing to its narrow front curve, sail flips become a breeze and power is delivered in a smooth and progressive manner. 


This is not the boom of choice if you are into full planning bump & jump light-wind onshore conditions.  

All Cafrosbooms may be rigged at full extension


weights may vary by max 2%


: 135-185 SS


: 100 mm


: standard


: 1970 gr


135-185 SS  €790 (incl.VAT 24%)

plus shipping



Orders are delivered in 3-8 weeks

Payments are submitted 3 days prior to shipping via bank deposit

Users' guide and maintenance:

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