windsurf with a cafrosboom carbon boom for maximum drive and reflex. The stiffest boom in the market

carbon windsurfing booms

Sotiris S, Paros '20


in-house developed prepreg carbon


What's the word

 ...among a growing group of riders who embrace this initiative and enjoy an unprecedented windsurfing experience.

 "...incredible stiffness and super comfy...on the water it's a delight!, like a GoKart with its very direct and precise steering...the best boom I have used..." 


A. 105kgr, Spain

 "...I love the supercrisp and rigid feel. Maximum connection to the sail. It feels stiffer than any other carbon boom I have used...the super tight fitting of the tailtubes makes it feel like the whole boom is made out of one single piece....". 


K. 82kgr, Greece

  • maximum reflex

  • stiffness to order

25 mm tube diameter

+ 1mm cork grip

the past and the present of cafrosboom

making with carbon

Thessaloniki, Greece - Ελλαδα


the builder's views...

Thessaloniki, Greece - Ελλαδα